Solar Fountain Pump , AISITIN 3.5W for Bird Bath, Ponds, Garden 

Solar Fountain Pump The AISITIN 3.5W is a DIY outdoor solar water pump that comes with multiple nozzles, a 4.9ft water pipe, and a stake. It is a solar-powered pump that can be used for bird baths, ponds, gardens, and other outdoor places. With its 3.5W solar panel, it can operate without the need for electricity or batteries, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your water feature needs. The pump also features adjustable water flow and different nozzle options, allowing you to customize the water display according to your preferences. It is easy to install and use, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.


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Solar Fountain Pump

Solar Fountain Pump

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 AISITIN 3.5w Solar Fountain and Diy Water Feature Kit

The best choice for garden, bird bath, pond decoration.

  • 3.5w high efficiency solar panel:it can work for a long time under sufficient sunlight.
  • Multiple nozzles: rotatable, single layer, double layer. This nozzle is easy to assemble for solar fountain pump.
  • A variety of DIY water feature style: you can freely choose the nozzle style or with the use of water pipes to create a variety of water feature style.
  • Unique stake design: It allows you to achieve the best light angle (within 360 °) by adjusting the solar panel to find the best working state of the solar fountain.
  • Filter design pump: The solar powered pump comes with a sponge filter, which can effectively prevent dirt, dust and leaves from getting caught in it.

AISITIN 3.5W Solar Fountain DIY Water Feature Kit

AISITIN 3.5W Solar Fountain Kit provides you new ways to decorate your garden and makes more fun with DIY decoration.

  •  fountains, water circulation systems and various water features to design your own characters.
  • With solar energy, no need extra power supply, just enjoy the easy of nature.
  •  various different nozzles and a 4.9ft water pipe that can be changed into different spraying styles. The is easy to match various fountains and water sprays to meet your ideas.

How to use water pipe with our connectors

Using the water pipe included in this DIY Solar Water Fountain Kit requires two connectors (these two connectors are already included in this product), you just need to find the connectors that are consistent with the picture and follow the corresponding installation steps, you will be able to use the hose easily.


  • Make sure to place the solar panel in direct sunlight. (The solar birdbath fountain pump works only depend on the sunlight so it can’t work in sunless weather)
  • The stains on the solar panel need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Please keep the pump below the water surface at all times.
  • The water needs to be changed regularly to prevent the water pump from being blocked.


  • Solar Panel: 7V / 3.5W
  • Max working time:≥10000Hrs
  • Max spray height: 24in
  • Solar panel size: 5.7in*7.2in
  • Max flow of pump: 240L/h
  • Stake size:17.5in



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    TO-3.5W Solar Fountain Pump






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